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"Too many of us see college as a box to check or a place to have fun as opposed to an opportunity for each of us to figure out what is it that we’re good at, what is it that we care about…"

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Google Cultural Institute

"Imagine a world where we really ‘sweat our existing assets’. Imagine if rail station and city centre commuter car parks were rented out at weekends for festivals, concerts and community events. Imagine if school bus buses were used for tourism transport in the school holidays and if pub or church car parks were used as the start/meet point for the ‘walking to school bus’ each morning."

"When you’re learning about something and dissecting it, I don’t think you’re really through until you don’t understand anything about it. If you study something and you find all this stuff about it, you just went skin deep, so if you keep going and going, you should be left with a fucking mess of unanswered questions. If you take any subject and keep asking, “Why,” without stopping, you’ll get to a point where there really [aren’t] any clear answers."

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