"As city dwellers, we’re prone to believing that the good life is found on a desolate beach far from the cacophony of any urban environment. Cities, to their credit however, actually make us much happier than we might otherwise believe."

Pierre Herman on the urban secret to happiness. (via thisbigcity)

Climate Change, Migration, and Conflict


Interesting climate read of the day.

We Wanted To Draw Attention To Climate Change. So Did You. And The UN. And Unilever. Check It Out…


There are a lot of important, pressing, timely issues in the world right now, but there’s probably no prospect more existentially terrifying than the devastating effects of climate change. It’s a fact we know you’re familiar with because when we asked earlier this year, you told us it’s the #1…

Youth Preparedness | Ready.gov

Youth Preparedness: A National Framework

Emergencies and disasters can happen at any time and often without any warning. Considering that children comprise approximately 25 percent of our population, disaster planning, response, and recovery efforts must take into account the unique needs that children have.




The Ferguson Syllabus